Who We Are

The Sacred Love Temple is founded on three core values; sacredness, safety, and alchemy/transformation.

Sacredness: Free of Fear, Shame, Judgment, and Manipulation(Guilt).

Safety: Confidentiality, Consent, Boundaries, and Radical self-responsibility.

Alchemy/Transformation: Every experience is a golden opportunity to heal, transform and evolve in our consciousness.

As members of The Sacred Love Temple, we have agreed to honor, respect, and follow our Event Guidelines and Community Safety Protocols to create a safe and comfortable space for all of us to embody our majestical selves.

As community leaders, we invite members to practice consent, radical self-responsibility, and accountability. These three values allow us to engage in transformational tantric shamanic experiences. We invite community members to apply these principles not just at our private events but outside of our containers as well.

Consent: “Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.”Responsibility: “Responsibility is the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, and management.”

  • Responsible:
    — liable to be called on to answer,
    — liable to be called to account as the primary cause, motive, or agent
    — able to answer for one’s conduct and obligations
  • Accountability: “the quality or state of being accountable.”
  • Accountable:
    — “subject to giving an account: ANSWERABLE.”
    — “capable of being explained: EXPLAINABLE.”

~ Definitions: Merriam-Webster Dictionary



“a) competitive or opposing action of incompatibles: antagonistic state or action (as of divergent ideas, interests, or persons) a conflict of principles. 

b) mental struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, drives, wishes, or external or internal demands.” ~ Definition by Marrie-Webster Dictionary

We are aware and understand; we make mistakes and often engage in conscious or unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors and actions. No one is without flaws, and often in the world of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relating, we can be vulnerable to make mistakes that bring up internal triggers and past traumatic experiences to be addressed and healed. We have observed that many errors in our community are from a lack of proper training or miscommunication during the initial or ongoing negotiations. These are the main reasons why we emphasize education and communication here at The Sacred Love Temple

To address community conflicts within members and opening the doors to non-members, we have created a:


Our intention with this process is to heal, find community conscience solutions, learn and grow together.

To be in integrity with our core values, safety protocols, and code of ethics, we, the Sacred Love Temple, and officials DO NOT ENGAGE in:

  • Discrimination based on sex, gender, race, skin color, religion, language, political affiliation, medical choice, or personal beliefs.
  • Cancel Culture As Jesus stated, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” We don’t participate in this toxic trend to cancel people because of their past. We believe in educating and keeping people accountable for their choices and patterns of behavior. We practice conscious boundaries to preserve the integrity and wellbeing of our community. With that being said, some behaviors are not welcome and tolerated at any time. Community members that engage in toxic behaviors are given one final warning to correct behavior. At the same time, participation is limited until the consistency of the correct behavior is achieved, then full participation will be allowed.
  • Gossip “casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.”
  • Accusations without proof leading to defamation of character (libel or slander)
  • Any behavior that stops us from experiencing UNITY, GROWTH, LEARNING, and EVOLUTION as a community.

The Sacred Love Temple is committed to creating a safe place within our community’s events and online groups. Yet, there WILL be situations that are out of our control in the broader community.

Interactions outside of our safe container of learning, growth, and responsible/accountable engagement will happen, and this could leave spaces when an UNDESIRED OUTCOME may happen.


The following violations may occur outside of our community’s events with community members or non-community members.


Boundary Violations

Both communicated and non-communicated boundary violations may happen, which is relatively common when we don’t communicate: soft and hard boundaries at negotiation, changes during experience, or when other reasons come up.

Confidentiality Breach

Confidentiality breaches are often done without a clear understanding of why confidentiality is so important within our community. Confidentiality is more than believing in each other capable of keeping other members’ lifestyle choices safe from shame, judgment, and even discrimination. Confidentiality preserves families, careers, and the lifestyle choices we all make. Pictures, Social Media, and conversations with “friends” could hurt someone else.

Sexual Consent Violations

We take sexual consent, assault, sexual harassment, and other violations very seriously. This is a grave accusation. We invite victims of sexual violations to go to the police, file a report, ask for medical support if needed, receive emotional support from state-qualified therapists trained on sexual trauma.


We have observed above violations may be avoided by:

  • Taking responsibility to communicate soft and hard boundaries during experiences courageously,
  • Having a reliable third-party person (space holder) at the experience ensures that all individuals are engaging safely and all boundaries are respected and honored.
  • Using discernment before engaging in any activity where a space holder is not available. Proper vetting of a future partner is critical. Reaching out to community leaders to vet this person may be an option.
  • Video recording sessions for future references. A highly recommended practice for all “Givers” to avoid future misunderstandings since “Receivers” may be “floating” or in “subspace,” and the perception of reality may be compromised.
  • Write down all specific negotiations and boundaries at negotiation and sign the document before and after the experience. At the end of aftercare and integration, the “Receiver” can write down a statement to verify all boundaries were honored and provide constructive feedback. “Giver” provides a report and constructive feedback as well.


Sacred Love Temple is committed to creating a space for our tantric shamanic community to resolve and heal conflicts with a holistic approach.We invite BOTH individuals who have conflict to participate in our Conscious Restoration Process, C.R.P, created out of community need and love for all members of our community. If one person does not want to go through our process, we can do nothing and take no action.


To start C.R.P, we invite all parties involved to come from a place of:

  • Radical self-responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Solution-oriented
  • Commitment to grow
  • Empowerment

Either party or both parties in conflict can begin this process by emailing the Sacred Love Temple Team at with the following information:

  • State if you are the Accuser or Accused
  • State the conflict situation
  • Provide EVIDENCE of the misconduct, trespassed boundary, dated screenshots, dated emails, notarized affidavit, witnesses information, police reports, med docs, etc
  • Write your own treatment plan, including your role played in the conflict, what you have learned from this conflict, what can be done differently next time, and how you can grow from this situation.
  • Both parties must be willing to work together to proceed with the Conscious Restoration Process, C.R.P, or Sacred Love Temple will not take any actions.

Once our team has received all information and evidence, we will reach out to the accused party in a VERY CONFIDENTIAL WAY and invite them into the process.

The accused party will have the opportunity to provide evidence, testimonials, and witnesses to share their side of the story fairly. The Sacred Love Temple is committed to creating a fair and unbiased process where both parties in conflict can be heard fully.

The Sacred Love Temple will not “OUT” any members going through the Conscious Restoration Process.

We are committed to providing a safe space for members to come together physically and emotionally to seek guidance from a place of self-responsibility and accountability to heal and resolve conflicts. With that intention in mind, we will host a confidential meeting with a state-qualified therapist, a neutral person who does not know either person, Lucia Gabriela, and one or two curated Sacred Love Temple Restoration Council members.

At these confidential meetings, TOGETHER will create a solution and establish an accountability process for each participant.


The investment fee to participate in the Conscious Restoration Process is:

Sacred Love Temple’s members, a discounted rate, starting at $150/hr (state-qualified therapist’s fee is not included). Apply for financial help when needed.

Non-members start at $250/hr (state-qualified therapist’s fee is not included). Apply for financial help when needed.