To create a sacred space for all of us to embody our majestical selves, these are the guidelines we invite you to honor, respect, and consider. 


2) Sacred Love Temple is a space for conscious awakening, evolution, and transformation. Therefore we create sacred space FREE OF JUDGEMENT. If you experience judgment, we invite you to: 

  1. breathe,
  2. shake it off,
  3. inquire within what this judgment might be about, 
  4. examine what this judgment may have held you back from experiencing in life.

3) CONFIDENTIALITY. Respect everyone’s experiences by not sharing their experiences but yours only. If you desire to share someone’s experience, ask for consent from that person. 

4) CONSENT is real. Before participating in any activity involving touch, we invite you to ask for permission using the phrase “May I touch you?”

5) We invite SELF-RESPONSIBILITY – “Responsibility is the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, and management.” There is nothing more delicious in life than being surrounded by people who take responsibility for their triggers, words, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions.

6) Radical INCLUSIVITY, DIVERSITY, and ACCEPTANCE. We welcome unique, powerful, and whole souls in human bodies. All sexes, genders, races, cultures, skin colors, faiths, religions, languages, and medical & political affiliations are welcome, respected, and honored. True diversity is where we all can exist with our opinions and life choices that do not harm others. 

7) TRIGGERS, emotions, and feelings ARE GIFTS to our healing and evolutionary process. They will rise to the surface to make us aware of our inner conflicts.

8) Therefore, HONOR and RESPECT your TRIGGERS by observing them, feeling them, breathing them, and letting them show you what you need to see. What is it you are not seeing? 

9) EMOTIONS and feelings are WELCOME. If you see someone having strong emotions, leave them alone, and respect their space and processing. 

10) The POWER of RECEIVING A NO is a gift we can give to ourselves by honoring others by saying YES to themselves. Therefore, do not take it personally if someone says NO to you when you ask them to interact with you.

11) The power of THE SOLO STATION is that some events will involve ‘solo stations’ where you solo during an exercise. The solo station is the most powerful station you can be at. It allows you to explore deeper within yourself what parts of you may feel triggered or unloved—an excellent opportunity to do deep shadow work.

12) The POWER of SILENCE: We will experience moments of silence intentionally or unintentionally during the event. Many of your most significant insights could arise from silence. 

13) The POWER OF DISTRACTIONS, noise, or interruptions. Take this opportunity to be the MASTER OF PRESENCE. How can you be fully present with yourself and others during moments out of your control or with anyone else? We welcome imperfection and distractions with no judgment because they teach moments about how PRESENT we can be.

14) Everything shared in this event is an INVITATION; you are not obligated to do anything if you don’t feel aligned with the exercise.

15) MODIFY, if you think an exercise or activity is outside of your growth zone, please modify it. Ask Francesca for help.

16) CONNECT WITH YOUR BREATH. The more you consciously breathe, the more in the NOW you are.

17) SOUND is welcome. Sound is vibration, vibration is energy. Sound is a great tool to release EMOTIONS (energy in motion).

18) STOP ASSUMING what others may be thinking, feeling, or expecting. Assumptions kill unique experiences and breakthroughs that are on the rise. 

19) START COMMUNICATING your intentions, desires, requests, and fears. When you communicate, you will find yourself creating unique experiences at our events and in your life.

20) Let go of your guards BUT have a CLEAR understanding of your BOUNDARIES.

21) COUPLES, be conscious and aware of your relationship agreements and boundaries.

22) Use DISCERNMENT, the ability to judge well. In any activity or person you engage with.

23) TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF by drinking water, moving to the sides of the room, moving your body (shake it off), laying down, journaling, etc. 

24) ASK FOR HELP if you need it. For example, Lucia Gabriela will not know how to help you or modify any activities if you keep things to yourself. 

25) You are welcome to JOURNAL on the spot what is arising, and you are invited to journal your experience in-depth after the event.