• Create a sacred space free of fear, judgment, shame, guilt, and low vibes to experience awakening, liberation, and embodiment of who we authentically are.
  • Offer educational experiences to support community members with tantric shamanic skills and protocols updates.
  • Provide support on conflicts between community members through our Conscious Restoration Process.
  • Organize experiences that inspire self-healing, self-growth, and self-mastery.


Lucia Gabriela is the CEO and Founder of Nuna Holistic Retreat Center, The Tantric Shamanic Somatic Institute, The Sacred Love Temple (Tantric Shamanic Community & Events), The Sarasota Dark Temple (Conscious Kink/BDSM Community & Events), The Temples Alliance and Producer to Sol y Luna Tantric Shamanic Festival and eXplore Tantra Festival. 

With more than fourteen years of professional experience, Lucia Gabriela has proven herself an accomplished expert in her field. Lucia is a dynamic, results-driven leader who has demonstrated success and professionalism throughout her career.

Lucia Gabriela is a Relationship and Intimacy Coach specializing in helping individuals and couples achieve mastery over their lives, relationships, intimacy, and sexuality. She uses various techniques to assist her clients in improving their relationships with themselves and others. Lucia can help identify any “blind spots” that may prevent individuals from achieving the desired life and relationships. She helps cultivate a sense of clarity, self-trust, and confidence in every area of your life, including intimate relationships.

As a specialized Emotional Somatic Therapist and Tantra Facilitator, Lucia works with individuals on their journey to liberate themselves from emotional and sexual traumas. She assists individuals in reclaiming their creative power, bodily autonomy, vocal expression, sensuality, and sexuality. Additionally, she encourages them to embrace pleasure in their personal lives, artistic endeavors, and relationships.

Lucia is also a Therapeutic Kink Practitioner and TantriKink® Creator who combines the potency of Tantra and Kink/BDSM to assist her clients in connecting with their body wisdom, exploring their erotic archetypes, and mastering their erotic energy.

Finally, as a Trauma-Informed Intimacy Educator, Lucia Gabriela’s wisdom and expertise are shared with her students at TSSH™, The Tantric Shamanic Somatic Healing Certification Training, where students receive personalized support to become Trauma-Informed Intimacy Specialists.

Before embarking on her professional career path, Lucia Gabriela studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Florida College of Natural Health. She is working toward her Psychology Degree at SCF and the Bioneuroemoción Master Program at the Enric Corbera Institute, Spain. Lucia Gabriela has taken nearly 100 courses, seminars, and immersion events/retreats for psychology, somatic therapy, spiritual growth, and personal transformation.

Lucia has received awards and accolades throughout her illustrious career and is recognized worldwide for her outstanding commitment and leadership in the field. Recently, Lucia Gabriela has been nominated and became a semifinalist as Person of the Year 2022 at FetishCon and recognized as the Top Trauma Informed Relationship and Intimacy Coach of the Year 2023 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership, dedication, and commitment to the industry.

In addition to her successful career, Lucia is a philosopher, author, speaker, artist, student, mentor, coach, facilitator, leader, ordained minister, energy master, and alchemist in love, sensuality, sexuality, relationships, and life purpose. Her passion for growing and evolving as a woman has led her to study a variety of integrative holistic approaches for healing the mind, body, heart, and soul, including Integrative Nutrition, Bioneuroemoción®, Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy, Integrative Somatic Healing, Therapeutic Massage (various methods), Body Dearmoring, Access BARS, Chi Gong, NVC Non-Violance Communication, and Therapeutic Kink.

Lucia Gabriela is a powerful and inspiring voice in the world of sexuality and intimacy. Her work has helped countless individuals and couples to transform their lives. She is a true alchemist, assisting people to transform their pain into pleasure, fear into love, and limitations into possibility.

Looking back, Lucia Gabriela attributes her success to her perseverance, innovative thinking, and the mentors she has had along the way. When not working, she enjoys dancing, cooking, spending quality time with her two daughters, eating at local restaurants, and watching movies. In the future, she wants to continue to help individuals with her holistic approaches to healing the mind, body, heart, and soul.


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