• Create a sacred space free of fear, judgment, shame, guilt, and low vibes to experience awakening, liberation, and embodiment of who we authentically are.
  • Offer educational experiences to support community members with tantric shamanic skills and protocols updates.
  • Provide support on conflicts between community members through our Conscious Restoration Process.
  • Organize experiences that inspire self-healing, self-growth, and self-mastery.
Lucia Gabriela helps individuals and couples to master their life, relationships, and intimacy with themselves and others.

As a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Lucia Gabriela creates a sacred and safe space for individuals and couples to build conscious relationships and meaningful intimacy in their life. 

As an Emotional Somatic Therapist and Tantra Facilitator, Lucia Gabriela specializes in and works with individuals whose journey is to liberate themselves from emotional and sexual traumas. She helps them reclaim their creative power, body, voice, sensuality, and sexuality and welcomes pleasure into their lives, creations, and relationships. 

As a Therapeutic Kink Practitioner and TantriKink Creator, Lucia Gabriela fuses the power of Tantra and Kink/BDSM to help clients connect with their body wisdom, discover their erotic archetypes, and master their erotic energy. For Kink/BDSM experiences, Lucia Gabriela provides her own community dungeon space, known as Sarasota Dark Temple.

Areas of Expertise:

Lucia Gabriela supports her clients with:

  • gaining clarity, confidence, and inner wisdom
  • resetting their mindsets on relationships, intimacy, sexuality, and abundance
  • purging emotional or sexual traumas that are holding them back from manifesting what they desire
  • exploring deeply many aspects of themselves #archetypework
  • healing their wounded #innerchild
  • embracing and integrating their shadows #shadowwork
  • liberating their voice, body, and power
  • reconnecting with their own body’s wisdom
  • embodying their sensuality
  • awakening their kundalini power
  • mastering their sensual and sexual energies
  • welcoming love and abundance
  • owning their boundaries
  • communicating their needs, desires, and fantasies consciously to their partners
  • exploring conscious kink/BDSM


Lucia Gabriela is the founder of Nuna Holistic Retreat Center, Sacred Love Temple (Tantric Shamanic Community & Events), Sarasota Dark Temple (Conscious Kink/BDSM Community & Events), and The Tantric Shamanic Somatic Institute. In addition, Lucia Gabriela is the producer of The Sol y Luna Tantric Shamanic Festival, creator of TantriKink™ Method & Festival, and leader at The Manifestation Alchemy School Online Community.

Lucia Gabriela grew up exposed to esoteric, shamanic, and mystical practices. Cancer initiated her into Gnostic teachings, where Lucia Gabriela started her journey of exploring Tantra, Kamasutra, Sacred Sexual Spirituality, Energy Mastery, Shadow Work, Sacred Sensual Embodiment, Magic, and more.

Lucia Gabriela’s commitment to her body after healing from cancer naturally at the age of 15 led her to be curious about how toxic emotions and mindsets create illness. However, Lucia Gabriela knew that her toxic emotions and beliefs toward herself led to disease from the start.

Lucia Gabriela is an explorer, philosopher, writer, author, speaker, artist, student, teacher, mentor, coach, facilitator, energy master, ordained minister, intuitive and alchemist in the areas of love, sensuality, sexuality, relationships, and living your life purpose. Her passion to grow and evolve as a woman has led her to study a diversity of integrative holistic approaches for healing mind, body, heart and soul, such as integrative nutritional coaching, reiki (master), integrative energy therapy, integrative somatic healing, chi gong, massage therapy (shiatsu, craniosacral, lymphatic, accupunture, hydrotherapy, structural integration, masiafacia release and others) emotional body dearmoring, Access BARS, therapeutic kink, neurolinguisitc programming (NLP), core energetics, NVC, tantra, sacred sexuality, gnosis, women’s mysteries, womb blessinsg, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, sound healing, law of attraction, mindset mastery, and emotional mastery. She practices yoga, meditation, body awakening, dance, painting, shamanism, orgasmic breath, and self mastery.  

Lucia Gabriela has studied and trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Florida College of Natural Health, and currently continuing her education with a psychology major at SCF/USF. She has attended close to one hundred courses, seminars, and immersion events/retreats of personal growth and transformation, such as Social Psychology at Wesleyan University, Mastery University and Business Mastery with Tony Robbins, The Integrative Somatic Institute with Francesca Gentille and Luminessa Enjara, Bioneuroemoción with Enric Corbera Institute, Shamanic Priestess Process with Anyaa McAndrew and EveLynn Maurine, Ordained Minister with the Madonna Ministry, Ecstatic Dakini Certification Training with Lourdes Starshower and Cathleen Cienfuegos,, The Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators (Sex Educators and Tantric Practitioners) with Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, Shawn Roop, Reid Mihalko, Pamela Madsen, Lawrence Lanoff, Destin Gerek and Eugene Hedlund, Womb Blessings with Miranda Grey, Therapeutic Kink with Francesca Gentille, Tantric Body DeArmoring with Andrew Barnes, Non-violence Communication (NVC) Intensive One Year Training with Nati Beltran.   She has collaborated, trained with, and interviewed dozens of leaders in the field of conscious relationships, sacred sexuality, tantra, therapeutic kink and sexual healing in her YouTube Channel like Bryan Revees, Alia, Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson, Robert Kandell, Elizabeth DiAlto, Dr. LeslieBeth Wish within others.