Who We Are

Who We Are

Sacred Love Temple is a sacred space where we come to explore Tantra, Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality, and Conscious Relationships.

Sacred Love Temple is committed to facilitating conscious experiences free of fear, shame, guilt, and low vibes. We are inclusive and respectful of our community’s uniqueness and differences. 

Sacred Love Temple is attentive to being a part of the emotional and sexual healing our community is experiencing in these critical times of alchemy and evolution.

Sacred Love Temple covers topics of intimacy and sexuality; with that being said, we focus on the holistic embodiment of intimacy that starts within the self. Therefore, we do not facilitate orgies, swingers, or sex parties. 

Sacred Love Temple welcomes everyone eager, ready, and courageous to love themselves, believe in their magnificence, and reclaim their power. 

Sacred Love Temple was established in 2015 and led hundreds of workshops across Florida, especially at Florida Festivals.

Sacred Love Temple Values