Who We Are

Who We Are

Sacred Love Temple is a sacred space where we come to explore Tantra, Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality, and Conscious Relationships.

Step into the embracing realm of the Sacred Love Temple, a haven dedicated to the exploration of profound connections, Tantra’s ancient wisdom, the mystique of Shamanism, and the enchantment of Sacred Sexuality.

Our sanctuary, the Sacred Love Temple, beckons you to embark on a transformative journey through the realms of Tantra, Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality, and Conscious Relationships. It’s a place where barriers dissolve, and inhibitions fade into the background, allowing you to embrace your true self without fear, shame, or guilt.

Diversity is our tapestry, and inclusivity is our mantra. At the Sacred Love Temple, we honor and celebrate the rich tapestry of humanity, valuing every unique thread that weaves our community together.

In these pivotal moments of alchemical evolution, the Sacred Love Temple stands as a guardian of emotional and sexual healing. We understand the challenges of these times and stand ready to guide our community through a journey of transformation and growth.

Dive into engaging conversations encompassing intimacy and sensuality. Yet, at the core, we illuminate the path of holistic self-intimacy—an exploration that ignites within and radiates outward. It’s important to note that we curate experiences focused on personal growth and connection, and we do not facilitate orgies, swingers’ gatherings, or explicit sexual events.

The embrace of the Sacred Love Temple is open wide to all who are poised to embark on a journey of self-love, those who are prepared to recognize their own magnificence, and those who are ready to reclaim their inherent power.

Since its inception in 2015, the Sacred Love Temple has been a guiding light, conducting countless workshops across the vibrant landscape of Florida, gracing numerous Florida Festivals with our transformative presence.

Come, be a part of the Sacred Love Temple’s tapestry, where profound connection and boundless growth await your embrace. Your journey starts here.

Sacred Love Temple Values