Who We Are

We, Sacred Love Temple Officials and Team are committed to creating a sacred, comfortable and safe space for our community members.

Unfortunately, we are conscious and aware that we may encounter people with behaviors we may not feel comfortable being around.


The Sacred Love Temple is founded on three core values; sacredness, safety, and alchemy/transformation.

Sacredness: Free of Fear, Shame, Judgment, and Manipulation(Guilt).

Safety: Confidentiality, Consent, Boundaries, and Radical self-responsibility.

Alchemy/Transformation: Every experience is a golden opportunity to heal, transform and evolve in our consciousness.

We are genuinely committed to creating a safe space and experiences for our community to awaken into their power and full expression.

We are inclusive and embrace every single one of our member’s uniqueness.

We desire to protect our members as much as possible. At our events and temple, we have control. Unfortunately, outside of our space, we have very minimal control.

Besides our events guidelines, which members agree to every time they attend an event, we have created safety protocols and community etiquette beyond the Sacred Love Temple walls, including our online community Manifestation Alchemy School.


The Sacred Love Temple is NOT a hunting ground for predatory energy. 

We will not tolerate any member using our events or online group to “hunt” for partnerships of any kind.

We welcome members to network with each other and create conscious, beautiful, and safe friendships outside of our space. We encourage members to use discernment in building their network of like-minded friends.


lHunting/Predatory vs. Networking Energy:

  • Hunting/Predatory energy feels selfish, pushy, and intrusive.
  • Hunting/Predatory energy is not mindful of the other person’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Hunting/Predatory energy doesn’t consider the other person’s personal space, consent, and boundaries.
  • Hunting/Predatory energy is attached and codependent on what a person can offer.

*Please, be aware that in conscious kink/BDSM, hunting/predatory play between predator and prey in a kink scene is arranged and consented to by both parties. *

  • Networking energy feels inviting, welcoming and considerate.
    Networking energy is about contribution, collaboration, and co-creation.
  • Networking energy has in mind the other person’s best interests.
  • Networking energy is detached from what another person can offer, and it is interdependent.

If you are attending our events, reaching out to someone you would like to connect with for future collaborations, or simply interacting online, such as commenting on photos/videos, we invite you to consider the following:

  • Check if you are coming from a hunting/predatory or networking energy.
  • Are you contributing to their life experience?
  • Are you honoring and respecting their personal space?
  • Are you attached to or detached from their response to your invitation, inquiry, or comment?
  • Are you connecting to take or to give/contribute/cocreate?
  • Are you desperate and craving connection and attention?
  • Are you creating a safe and comfortable space for you and the other person?

Answering these questions before interacting will bring a level of consciousness to your participation in our events and with our community members. We all will feel even more comfortable and eager to connect with you in a way that is safe, healthy, and delightful.

If you are struggling with being aware of how your energy affects other people and why people don’t feel inclined to connect with you, please reach out for support. Lucia Gabriela is a professional Coach, Somatic Therapist, Tantra Facilitator and Therapeutic Kink Practitioner who specialized in healing emotional and sexual trauma, boundaries, and creating conscious relationships.




  • The action of subjecting someone to aggressive pressure or intimidation.
    adjective (harassing)
  • Characterized by or using aggressive pressure or intimidation.

On-site and online harassment is NOT tolerated. Harassing is a hunting/predatory energy.

Any member found to participate in harassment toward another member of our community will be given ONE WARNING and banned if such behaviors continue.


We don’t participate in cancel culture. We believe it is toxic and destroys people’s lives and their opportunity to recreate their life.

We believe in holding people accountable and responsible for their actions, words, and responses to what life brings to them.

We believe in seeing people in their NOW and not in their past. We take into consideration their PATTERNS of behaviors and triggers, which leads people to behave in ways that are destructive to themselves, inner circles, and community.




  • casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

We don’t participate in gossip. Gossip is found to destroy people’s life.

We have witnessed innocent and heartfelt people and families being destroyed by the viciousness of others’ gossip.

We are open to receiving feedback or notifications on members who have disrespected our guidelines, safety protocols, and etiquette.

We invite and encourage all our members to provide actual evidence when they reach out to us. We will review all evidence, reach out to all people involved, and make the best decision that sustains our community’s safety.


Let’s keep it simple; we give one warning before we ban anyone in our community.

In communicating our warning, we will also explore and communicate how to be even more conscious in participating in our events and our community.

Please understand, we are here to create a conscious community that practices Tantra, Shamanism, Esotericism and Mysticism  consciously and brings healing to our world by embodying communication, consent, boundaries, and acceptance.